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Golf Packages and Destinations: Pro Tips for Planning the Perfect Trip

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For serious golfers, there’s no better vacation than one spent on the course, competing in good weather with a tight-knit group of friends. There are many ways to structure a golf vacation, as well as many destinations and golf packages to consider when planning the perfect trip. Here are some pro tips on how to do it right:

Get your team on the same page

The first step to a successful trip is to make sure everyone agrees on how to structure your vacation. Get your friends together and brainstorm exactly what type of experience you want. Not everyone will want to get up at the crack of dawn and play eighteen holes before lunchtime. The same goes for off-course activities: if you plan to spend a few late nights in town, make sure your companions won’t be thrown off balance when you return to your room in the early morning.

Take the road less traveled

Famous sites like Pebble Beach and Myrtle Beach are must-see destinations that every serious golfer should visit at some point. However, look for the lesser-known courses. In every state in the U.S., you’ll find breathtaking places to play, each with a different feel depending on the climate and landscape of the area. Ask around and check golf guides and magazines to find the hidden gem you’ll love. It may be less crowded than some of the better known locations.

Resorts or golf packages?

Golf packages generally fall into two broad categories: resort packages and on-course packages. In the first case, you stay in a resort located on the course, which gives you access to the course only for the duration of your stay. In contrast, the play-around option places you and your group in a hotel located near several courses. This package includes reserved slots on a few courses, so your itinerary will have you bouncing around the map to play. Again, consult with your group to determine the type of experience you want.

Other Lodging Options

If you want to avoid the hotel experience, it can be both fun and cheap to pool your money and rent a condo or golf villa. This gives you more freedom to spread out at home. Sure, you won’t get room service and wake-up calls, but you won’t have to beg the hotel kitchen to stay open when you feel like a late-night snack. It also gives you and your friend a comfortable, communal atmosphere to chat and relax during downtime.

Plan Ahead

There are a lot of golfers in the world, and not enough places for them all to play at the same time. Courses are booked up months in advance, especially during peak season. Once you’ve decided where to go, be aware that you’ll need to book your trip well in advance. The added benefit of booking early is that your airfare will be cheaper if you purchase it at the same time.

With research, coordination and a little common sense, you and your team can have the golf vacation of a lifetime, even if you spend some of it in the bunker.Pour plus c’est ici…

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